TOOLBOX is an artist-run gallery/art space in Berlin, which was founded in 2012 by seven finnish artists. At the moment the members are (all artists): Mika Karhu, Maija Helasvuo, Niina Räty, Juha Sääski, Minna Jatkola, Sampsa Indren and Andreas Wolf. Mika Karhu was the first director of the cooperative TOOLBOX, from september 2016 Juha Sääski is the director. The gallery workers in Berlin have been interns, students from finnish art universities and also the german artist-member Andreas Wolf, who is living and working in Berlin. TOOLBOX is a member of Kolonie Wedding, an association of about 30 art project spaces in Soldiner Kiez in Berlin-Wedding.

TOOLBOX-members: Maija Helasvuo, Sampsa Indren, Minna Jatkola, Mika Karhu, Niina Räty, Juha Sääski, (All FIN), Andreas Wolf (Berlin, DE)

Guests: Marja Bonada (UK), Amy Sterly (UK), Ant Dickinson (UK), Anssi Taulu (FIN), Fritz Stier (DE), Ira Schneider (DE), Veronika Witte (DE), Alexandra Skarp (SE).