I want to buy an art work, what should I do?

  1. Check the availability. Red sticker means that it’s sold, green that it’s reserved. Note that many artworks come in editions of some copies.
  2. Grab a member of the exhibition staff by the sleeve and tell them which work you’re interested in. Even if you haven’t made up your mind, our staff can help you.
  3. When you’ve decided to buy a piece, we will write you a purchase contract. You can pay for the work right away or by invoice.
  4. You can pick up your purchase when the exhibition ends.




Performance Art

A work of performance is a site- and time-specific work in which an artist gives a performance or engages in some action in real time.

The price includes performance fee, materials, travel expenses and the cost of the documentation.


Photographic Art

Photographic artworks are created with various lens-based methods. Works range from small monochromatic prints to large art objects mounted on a support.

You will get ready-to-hang work of art which is printed, framed and mounted just the way the artist intended it to be presented. The edition number indicates how many prints the artist has made, or intends to make of the photograph.


Sonic Art

A work of sonic art is digitally produced auditive work that consists of sounds. Sonic art is generally presented as a live act, on CD or DVD.

You will get an original sonic work of art for example in CD format, numbered and signed by the artist, the right to perform the work in public and written instructions by the artist on how install or mount the piece, its technical data and description of its content.


Video Art

Video art is a work made on video, film or some digital moving image medium.

You will get an original video work in DVD format, numbered and signed by the artist, an original tape of the piece that you can use to make further DVD copies and the right to perform the work in public.