Pro Av Saarikko oy

Pro Av Art. Displaying Media Art. Pro Av Art Oy is specialized in providing services to museums, galleries and media artists. We help them to find suitable technical solutions and display devices which they can rent or buy from us. media artwork requires maintenance.Media art is the interplay of picture, sound and environment. At its best, it is an experience that communicates to all of our senses. But, unlike a sculpture or a painting, media art requires service. However, maintenance does not need to be complicated. All you need is a partner who knows what to do.The latest AV technology at your service.We at Pro Av Art Oy offer  versatile audiovisual expertise and products especially designed for the use in museums and galleries: projectors, HD media players, DVD’s, screens, front and rear projection surfaces, control systems, synch HD and DVD equipment and audio and direct audio products. This all for sale or rental.  Our long experience in the installation and maintenance of media art ensures that the work of art functions just as the artist originally planned it. We select and test the rental equipment, install it and organize transportation. We always use equipment that represents the latest technology.