Eidos ry invites you to thematic guided tours and workshops at Art Fair Suomi

Eidos ry, the association of art history students at the University of Helsinki organises guided tours and workshops at the Art Fair Suomi Goes Galleries festival. The same themes that are present in the programme of Eidos will also be discussed at the AFS Talks @ Konttori discussion programme on the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of the festival week.

Read below about the tours and workshops of Eidos. You will find the registration links behind the links on the galleries’ sites and on the Exhibitions and events site. Welcome!

Note: All events are held in Finnish, except for the children’s workshop on Friday 11th that will be held in Swedish.


Queer view

At the queer guided tours we observe the different possible counter-normative interpretations that the viewer can have about art and for example the way it portrays humanity. Occasionally the intention and identity of an artist has lead to queer interpretations but at this tour our main focus is on the viewer and their own thoughts. There are no right or wrong answers to the questions we pose, and we invite everyone to offer their own interpretations.

Venues and schedules:

Wed 9.6. at 6pm: Kirjagalleria Laterna Magica, guided tour at Hanna Galtat’s exhibition
Sat 12.6. at 2pm, 3pm and 4pm: Galleria Kuvitus, guided tour at Anna Salmi’s exhibition Watermelon Sugar


Escape into art! – Guided tour

During the guiding we look at Marianne Huotari and Fanni Tavastila’s joint exhibit and think about art as a way to rise above everyday life and as a source of wellbeing.

Venues and schedules:

Wed 9.6. at 6pm and Sat 12.6. at 1pm: Oho Galleria, guided tour at Marianne Huotari ja Fanni Tavastila’s exhibition


I don’t understand contemporary art – Guided tour

This guided tour attempts to tame contemporary art and give tips on how to approach art.

Venues and schedules:

Wed 9.6. at 11am and Thy 10.6. at 5om: Forum Box, guided tour to Roma Auskalnyte, Suvi Sysi ja Inma Herrera’s exhibition called Sanctuary.


Music interventions

During the music interventions, we observe the affect of different soundscapes on the experience of art. How does music alter a piece – can something nice become scary or beautiful ugly? Can something still turn into fast-paced or something unknown into familiar? The tour is playful and experimental and invites discussion!

To participate you need a device and headphones for listening to the music. Familiarise yourself with the playlists in advance on YouTube and on Spotify.

Venues and schedules:

Thu 10.6. at 12pm, Fri 11.6. at 12pm and Sat 12.6. at 2pm: Galleria Sculptor, guided tour at Anna Rokka’s exhibition She Turned Out and Tuned In
Thu 10.6. at 1pm, Fri 11.6. at 1pm, Sat 12.6. at 3pm ja Sun 13.6. at 2pm: tm•galleria, guided tour at Emmu Johansson’s exhibition Sparaxis Tricolor
Thu 10.6.3pm, Fri 11.6. at 3pm, Sat 12.6. at 4pm and Sun 13.6. at 4pm: OHO Galleria, guided tour at Marianne Huotari and Fanni Tavastila’s exhibition.


Step into the garden! – guided tour and an art workshop for toddlers

Step into the garden! is a guided tour and an art workshop for under 3-year-olds with a parent. We will get inspiration from Marianne Huotari’s floral ceramics and Fanny Tavastila’s verdant paintings and the toddlers get to paint their own flowery garden. The art workshop will happen on the floor with the help of each parent. The event will be held twice, in Finnish and Swedish.

Venues and schedules:

Thu 10.6.at 9:30am in Finnish and Fri 11.6. at 9:30am in Swedish: OHO Galleria, Marianne Huotari and Fanni Tavastila’s exhibition.


The independent tours for children enable gallery visits according to your own schedule and with adults. At the gallery there are two different kinds of tasks for children. In the bingo younger children get to look for colours and shapes in the artworks. In the crossword puzzle children can search the pieces for words that go to the puzzle. By showing a completed task sheet to the gallery staff children will receive a sticker as a prize.

Venues and schedules:

Throughout the festival week 8.–13.6.: Gallery DuettoGallery HalmetojaGallery Pirkko-Liisa Topelius