On the third day of Art Fair Suomi, the festival presents 14 events around the city

A video exhibition of Videokanava Online Gallery will be presented live at the Cable Factory and online at 4:15pm.

The third day of Art Fair Suomi Goes Galleries is here and we have 15 events around the city! Here’a a summary of events and registration situation. All exhibitions and events are free of charge, unless mentioned otherwise. Behind the given gallery or other links you will find more information and registration links. Welcome!

Guided tours:

  • A virtual guided tour to the private exhibitions of Okko Pöyliö, Kaisa Jussila, Marjo Levlin and Tapio Haapala at Galleria Huuto and to the group exhibition of Roma Auskalnyte, Inma Herrera and Suvi Sysi at Forum Box. Available during the whole festival week.
  • Music intervention to the exhibition of Anna Rokka at 12pm, Galleria Sculptor. In Finnish.Places still available!
  • Music intervention to the exhibition of Emmu Johansson at 1pm, tm•galleria. In Finnish. Places still available!
  • Music intervention to the exhibition of Fanny Tavastila and Marianne Huotari at 3pm, OHO Gallery. In Finnish.Places still available!
  • I don’t understand (contemporary) art – guided tour to the exhibition of Suvi Sysi, Inma Herrera and Roma Auskalnyte, 5pm, Forum Box. In Finnish. Places still available!

Meet the artist:

  • Cities on the Move, drwaing and interview project. Artist Riikka Kevo draws the audience. 1pm, Myymälä2. No pre-registration.
  • Kaj Franck Design Prize 2021 winner Johanna Gullichsen presents the exhibition and talks about her career, 5pm, Galleria A2 . In Finnish, No pre-registration.
  • Ana Guiteszca, Rosamaría Bolom, Sepideh Rahaa: Meet Third Space, all day, Third Space. No pre-registration.
  • Note: the artist talk with Sami Havia at Gallery Halmetoja has unfortunately been cancelled because the artist is down with a flu.

Talks programme:

  • AFS Talks @ Konttori talks programme from 2–3pm and 3–4pm at the Cable Factory Konttori (Tallberginkatu 1b). Ronja Kuoppamäki talks with the festival artists. Talks will be held in Finnish. Places still available! Facebook event and Link to the live stream.
  • Kalle Taivainen and Jori Sjöroos – An Evening of Soulful Discussions and Smooth Tunes. 7pm, Book Gallery Laterna Magica. SOLD OUT!

Children’s programme:

Other programme:

  • A body of video works under a theme “Living spaces – space for life!” at 4:15 pm live at the Cable Factory and online at Videokanava Online Gallery. Places still available for the live event. No pre-registration for the online event.