The event offers altogether 4600 sqm of exhibition space in the Cable Factory in Helsinki. Gathered under the same roof are over 1000 pieces of photographic art, media and video art, installations, sound art, paintings, sculptures etc.

The programme of the festival includes conversations, artists’ talks, seminars, as well as live and video performances. With its displays and programme AFS17 aims to reach the public, presenting art for wide audiences, and to create circumstances for professionals to meaningfully meet and network.

Alpineum Produzentengalerie Luzern

The Alpineum Produzentengalerie was founded in November 2007. The gallery contributes actively with 9 annual shows in conjunction with discourse and debate concerning contemporary art and its practices in relation to Lucerne’s cultural life. In its exhibitions it represents the artistic positioning of the founding members as well...Read More »


The project started in 2013 with Christine Baumann (Vienna) and Julia Hürter (Berlin) and was joined later on by Michaela Nasoetion (Berlin) and Kenneth Pils (Stockholm). It is about producing one picture every day over a prolonged period of time. The format is individually chosen by the artist, who also...Read More »

Expose Art House

Expose Art House is an alternative contemporary art space. Their program includes curatorial and short term artist residency project. Expose Art House is founded by Expose Art Magazine’s editor’s in chief Chintia Kirana, who is an artist, educator and collector of art. The art space is founded in 2016 and...Read More »


FotoDepartament is a Saint-Petersburg based independent non-profit organisation with a focus on contemporary photography that supports and promotes Russian contemporary artists.

FotoDepartament was established in 2006 and became to work with photographers in a gallery format since 2008. FotoDepartament.Gallery focuses on Russian contemporary photography and represents both well established names and...Read More »

Grafoteekki / The Association of Finnish Printmakers

The Association of Finnish Printmakers is a national association whose members use graphic methods for artistic expression. The Association of Finnish Printmakers was founded in 1931, originally to improve the status and appreciation of graphic artists and to increase opportunities for exhibiting works both in Finland and abroad....Read More »

Galleria Huuto / Single Room

Galleria Huuto is run by the association Mehiläispesä ry / Bikupa rf, that consists of over hundred visual artists. The decisions are made by the board, consisting of member artists, and the daily routine is under the lead of the executive manager Henni Oksman, with the help of...Read More »

Galleria Katariina / Helsinki Artists' Association

Helsinki Artists’ Association (founded 1967) has 780 professional artist members who present a wide range of different art aspects: painting, graphics, drawings, video, photo, performance, installation, sculpture, mixed media etc. Main exhibition space is Gallery Katariina and Studio in downtown Helsinki, where we have 17 + 17 exhibitions...Read More »

Gallery Lapinlahti / Artist Collective Kunst

Gallery Lapinlahti is a gallery for contemporary art exhibitions and art events. The Gallery is situated in Lapinlahden Lähde, former Lapinlahti mental hospital in Helsinki. The exhibitions started in June 2016. Artist Collective Kunst (Christina Holmlund, Pia Paldanius, Jarmo Palola, Sirpa Päivinen, Julia Weckman and Anu Suhonen) is...Read More »

Gallery Sculptor / The Association of Finnish Sculptors

The Association of Finnish Sculptors is a national union of professional sculptors founded in 1910. Gallery Sculptor, owned by The Association of Finnish Sculptors, is an artist-run art gallery, which – as an only gallery in Finland – focuses on contemporary Finnish sculpture. Gallery Sculptor also makes room...Read More »

Kunstplass [10]

Kunstplass [10] is a venue for contemporary art established in February 2012 in Oslo, Norway. Kunstplass is registered as an idealistic, non-commercial and artist-run association. Kunstplass [10] has presented numerous Norwegian and international artists, with a variety of artistic expressions, in more than 40 exhibitions since 2012. Kunstplass...Read More »


PAPER is an artist-led, commercial gallery based in Manchester and represents a range of emerging and mid-career artists whose practice is based around the medium of paper, ranging from drawing, painting, printmaking, artist’s books, video, and performance. The gallery opened in August 2012 and has a regular programme...Read More »


The PARAZIT is an invader-project. The innate features of the PARAZIT art group are creative expansion and replication of gallery branches in the alien territories, with or without consent of the owners. Since its foundation the PARAZIT has no legal address, but uses the addresses of others.

...Read More »


Finnish photographic centres are non profit associations that work for spreading knowledge about, supporting and promoting photographic art. All centres recieve funding from the The Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike), furthermore they run with support from cities, project grants, fonds and self funding. The main activity for the...Read More »


QWERTY is an initiative currently run by 7 visual artist from Denmark. The mix of members has occurred mainly by chance and by a common interest in pursuing new knowledge and practices. We have been working like a collective since 2007 and all been educated at The Academy...Read More »

RIXC Gallery

RIXC Center for New Media Culture was established in 2000 on the basis of E-LAB (Centre for electronic arts and media, since 1996). RIXC is an artist collective and producers, that initiates projects in intersection of art, science and emerging technologies. One of the main RIXC’s activities is...Read More »


THE ROOM BELOW is an artist-run gallery focusing on outsider art established in 2013 in Kanazawa City, Japan. The gallery is operated jointly by the Director, Tomoya Murazumi, and three artists. Our gallery is run by an open-style management; new artist staff members join us each time we hold an...Read More »

Too Much

Too Much is a new project. It was started in autumn of year 2016 in Moscow by Maxim Iliukhin, Dmitriy Gorachkin and Alexey Shatunov. Two of them are artists themself. They are also curators and founders of other artist-run institutions. Maxim Iliukhin was founder of ABC gallery (2004-2009)...Read More »


TOOLBOX is an artist-run gallery/art space in Berlin, which was founded in 2012 by seven finnish artists. At the moment the members are (all artists): Mika Karhu, Maija Helasvuo, Niina Räty, Juha Sääski, Minna Jatkola, Sampsa Indren and Andreas Wolf. Mika Karhu was the first director of the...Read More »


Founded in Montreal in 1971, Videographe is an artist-run centre dedicated to research and dissemination of experimental forms of moving images. This mission centers around three main lines: the distribution and showing of work and a fair payment of copyrights to the artists; to participate and initiate the...Read More »